About us

The founders of Blue Rock have a vast background in business, stemming from hedge funds and private equity, to startups and multi-national operations. Combing these unique perspectives, BlueRock was founded on the basis of creative and experienced problem-solving. Blue Rock is a minority-owned and operated company. 


The partners teamed up to offer business solutions in the form of advising and consulting to SMEs. They soon realized that a lot of these companies were also in need of professionalized sourcing. 


During the 2020 pandemic, the founders could not stand by while the COVID19 disease ravaged the world. They started centralizing a vast network of global PPE manufacturers. Within a few weeks, their offer covered most types of PPE and other healthcare-related solutions that can bring safety and peace of mind to business owners all over the world. 


Today, we offer a wide variety of products and business solutions to keep you, your employees, and your customers safe at every step of the way.